Our story: the sustainable switch

Ell knew all too well about the dark side of fast fashion. After looking for sustainable basic brands in the UK, she was left with just a handful. Either the clothes didn't quite fit her style, or were way out of budget.

That's when Ell decided to take matters into her own hands. In April 2021, she started sewing in her dad's spare bedroom - creating reversible clothing. Her way.

From the get go, Gaia Garments has been about sustainability, style, and affordability, without compromising on any of them.

Meet the makers

Ell Gall (Founder)

Say “hello” to Ell - founder of Gaia Garments 👋

Ell is a visionary. She’s got big ideas, a heart of gold, and an energy that’s infectious.

Ell loves to:

  • Go to the gym (she’s an ex personal trainer)
  • Visit new places
  • Sew (obviously)
Seamstress Norwich



As a Textile Design graduate, it’s safe to say Tash is prettttty obsessed with fashion. She spends most of her time beading and doing embroidery (it’s a bit like therapy). And, when she’s busy sewing with Gaia Garments, you can count on Taylor Swift being played on repeat.

Tash is a big believer that slow fashion isn’t just about being ethical - it’s also about having fun. That’s why Tash’s wardrobe is filled with handmade pieces, secondhand finds, and sustainable brands. It's also bursting with colour!

Seamstress Norwich



Jen’s background is in Upholstery and Soft Furnishings. She spent a good chunk of time in London (at uni, and working in a shop). But, since returning to her Norwich roots, Jen’s all about curtain and blind making.

Her favourite thing to do? Take a piece of furniture that nobody seems to want, and give it a new lease of life.

When Jen’s not busy reupholstering, you can find her sewing away at Gaia Garments. She's all for making a real impact - by reducing waste in the fashion industry.



Alice is a fashion lover from Norwich. She’s all about classic, elegant pieces that stand the test of time. (You know, the clothing that looks great no matter what the latest trend is.)

Outside of work, Alice likes to create art - drawing inspiration from animals and bodies. “There’s something so fascinating about the curves, lines and textures of the natural world.”

Whether she’s putting together the perfect garment or putting pen to paper, creativity is at the heart of everything Alice does. She’s always inspiring us at Gaia Garments; her artistic spark lights up the sewing room.

  • Slow fashion: fast growth

    At first, it was just Ell sewing and selling clothes to friends and family. Then, word spread - and Gaia quickly grew. 

    In just two years, Gaia became a team of five incredible seamstresses - all based in lovely Norwich. We're beyond proud to say: we send our pieces across the globe (in eco-friendly packaging, of course).

    Despite the growth, the heart of Gaia remains the same. We’re still dedicated to making sustainable, reversible pieces (by hand). Ell still films TikToks in her dad’s spare room - even though we’ve got a space of our own. 

  • And, while slow fashion might have become a buzzword, we’re committed to leading the way. We’ll never stop advocating for sustainability.

    Well, are you ready to build a capsule wardrobe? (You won’t have to say “bye” to style - or your house deposit - promise!)

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We stand for:


We believe everyone should have access to slow fashion - without breaking the bank. So, we’ve made it our mission: provide affordable, eco-friendly clothing for everyone.

With our reversible garments, you get two items for the price of one. Some tops are so versatile, you can style them in two different ways. That means you’ll get four tops for the price of one.


Do good and feel good, no matter your size or shape. Our sustainably-sourced Tencel is designed to fit all bodies. And, with our double-layered tops, you won’t have to worry about any see-through mishaps (yes, that means everyday can be bra-free!). We've got your back - and your front - covered.

But empowerment is about more than just feeling good in your clothes. It's also about making a real difference in the world. That’s why every purchase from Gaia Garments supports a sustainable future for the planet and its people.


We get it: you like to switch it up. Most days, you want to keep it casual - but you’re no stranger to a night out, either.

Our reversible clothes are your new wardrobe staple. Dress them up or down - and, while you’re batting away the compliments, just picture us cheering you on from the sidelines.


We’re committed to creating a sustainable future. But that requires one thing: teamwork. Alone, we can take small steps for a better future. Together, those steps turn to mountains. Join our eco-conscious community, and let’s see what can be achieved.

Our weapons of choice? Slow fashion and advocacy.